Pinocchio is a circus musical to rival “Barnum!” It was first performed at The Bryanston Arts Centre and The Gardner Arts Centre in 1996 by a cast of 5 actors/actresses and a small circus troupe. It ran for 50 performances.

The story follows the fortunes of the lovable toy maker, Geppetto, whose puppet, Pinocchio, comes to life only to be abducted by the wily Mr Fox and sold on to Fire-Eater, the flamboyant but cruel circus leader. When Pinocchio finally escapes from the circus and is reunited with Geppetto, the two heroes embark upon the perilous task of rescuing Fire-Eater’s daughter and the other circus performers who live in daily fear of their leader.

Minimum cast size: 5 + a circus troupe, some of whom need to be children.

Number of individual speaking parts: 6 and 2 children – but this show can work really well with a much larger cast.

Suitable for: Professional companies; Amateur companies; Schools

Running time: Approx. 1 hour 45 minutes

A backing CD of this show is available.