A fierce debate still rages today about the historical accuracy of the stories surrounding the legend of Robin Hood. This adaptation does not attempt to support any particular evidence, but it hopefully goes some way towards satisfying an audience’s expectations as well as adding something to the understanding of the character’s appeal – which is as strong in the 21st century as it ever has been.

The show was originally written for a small professional company. However, it can work equally well with a much larger company.

The Adventures of Robin Hood was first produced at The Gardner Arts Centre by a professional company consisting of a small cast of just 6 adults and a chorus of about 8 teenaged boys and girls.  It ran for 44 performances and played to over 14,000 people.  The show works really well with a much larger cast.

Minimum cast size: 6 adults (one of whom ‘doubles’) plus a chorus of Cut-Throats, Merry Men and Women, Guards and Archers some of whom have small speaking parts. Please note that this musical can be staged by a much larger cast as there is plenty for the ensemble to do.

Number of individual speaking parts: 11

Suitable for: Professional companies; Amateur companies; Schools

Running time: Approx. 1 hour 45 minutes

A backing CD of this show is available.