The Snow Queen was first performed by the repertory company at The Palace Theatre, Westcliff, in 1992/3 and has enjoyed many successful performances since. It was commissioned for a cast of just 6 and makes an ideal Christmas show for a professional company.

When Kay gets a piece of the Snow Queen’s magic mirror in his eye he starts to behave strangely, and when Gerda wakes one morning to find him gone, she puts on the red shoes that Kay had given to her as a present and sets out to find him. Her journey leads her to The Snow Queen’s kingdom where she discovers Kay locked in her ice cold palace.

This enchanting show is full of magic and trickery, and contains plenty of audience participation. To be really successful it does require a stage with a trap door and space beneath it (or a stage with a false floor) and/or an inventive and imaginative director! Don’t be put off!

Minimum cast size: 6 + 1 child or acting ASM. (Several cast members are required to “double”.)

Number of individual speaking parts: 10

Suitable for: Professional companies; Amateur companies

Running time: Approx. 1 hour 45 minutes

A backing CD of this show is available.