Earwig Productions

Earwig Productions is a Theatre Production Company specialising in Musical Theatre and outstanding Theatre Training.

Theatre Summer School

Earwig Productions has an unrivalled reputation for promoting the Creative Arts. Its Theatre Summer Schools are legendary.

The Summer School provides a unique opportunity for students (aged 7 – 17) to work alongside professional actors, directors and performers to learn about and practise performance skills.

Attendees experience all the thrills of the theatre and learn skills such as acting, improvisation, dance, circus, make-up, illusions, prop-making and so much more.

Earwig Productions launched its first ever Theatre Summer School 30 years ago at the Gardner Arts Centre on the campus of Sussex University and has been running Theatre Summer Schools every single year since then without fail.

We are every bit as passionate today about giving students a real taste of theatre as we were back in 1990.

Musical Plays

Over the years, Mike Carter from Earwig Productions has written and produced a hugh number of musical plays. Including original stories and well-known classics, you can purchase the scripts, musical scores, and more for 15 of these shows.

All our musical plays are tried and tested; some have enjoyed over 3,000 performances and have been staged in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Mexico, Africa, Australia and New Zealand!

For each musical play there is a script, a beautifully arranged and presented vocal score, and audio tracks of all the songs. Most of the musicals also have a backing tracks available which can be used for your performances and during rehearsals.

Earwig Theatre Summer School 2021 —
We won't be running our course this year but hope to be back soon!